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At $dayjob we use both Comtrend and Zyxel modems.  Both have a 1-port modem that can be deployed in bridged mode. They both seem to work well with Calix gear.  We've found the Zyxel modems tend to work a little better at longer loop lengths.  But, for us at least, it's very easy to get custom firmware created and pre-deployed to comtrend modems at the factory / distributor. So we haven't completely decided between one brand and the other.  We started looking at Zyxel for increased speed at longer loop lengths and better wifi support.
There's a company a few exchanges over from us that has deployed the caix giga family and really likes it.  We haven't deployed them yet because they only work on the Calix E7 series (E7-2 and E7-20) and we still have a lot of C7 series dslams in the network.

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After a few off-list responses (and a couple on) encouraging me to use NANOG, here we go... 

I've recently walked in to a voice\DSL CLEC that has basically been left to entropy for the last ten years. A lot of the core systems just work, but a lot of things aren't exactly managed the best. They run a Calix\Occam ADSL2+\VDSL infrastructure. For those of you doing DSL, what CPE are you using? I'm looking at one that's just a basic modem where I have a more sophisticated router (or ATA\voice gateway) behind it and then one more generic for residential settings with WiFi and all that jazz. We're kinda debating whether we go just dumb Wi-Fi or something more advanced\powerful. I've heard a lot of good about the Calix GigaFamily in that regard. 

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