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IPv4 smaller than /24 leasing?

On Thu, 04 Jan 2018 19:20:26 -0500, Justin Wilson said:
> How is this a good use of resources when they have to justify 80% of a /24 in
> which they only need half of? I have 5 ISPs I work with that have 300-500
> customer and are using a /26 or smaller of IP space.  They can���t have true
> redundancy they are able to manage because they can���t do BGP themselves.  So
> they are tied to one ISP because thats where they get their space from.  Or,
> going back to the original part of this thread, they lease from someone across
> a tunnel.  Even then, they are still tied to someone.

So you CGNAT 500 users that would easily qualify you for a /22 into a ./26,
and then complain you can't get a /24.

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