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Attacks from poneytelecom.eu

On Thu, 04 Jan 2018 12:58:48 -0800, Dan Hollis said:
> On Thu, 4 Jan 2018, valdis.kletnieks at vt.edu wrote:
> > Been there, done that.  Been out of the country and offline for 36 hours,
> > reconnect and there's a user with a problem that would have been dealt
> > with 36 hours earlier if they had sent it to our help desk instead of to me
> > directly.
> They use your direct contact info because your help desk isn't responsive.

Not really - because a big chunk of the time, I end up opening a ticket with
the help desk in their behalf, because I wasn't even the person who was
actually responsible for fixing their problem (I do infrastructure, not user
services).  They just splat out a mail to a name they recognize because I've
been here almost 3 decades now.  Why they think I can help with a NetApp CIFS
permission issue just because they remember I fixed their SGI system in the
late 90s is beyond me...

Plus, I know for a fact that if they called our help desk, they'd probably have
a ticket open and called back by somebody faster than I would reply, because
the help desk's SLA is measured in "reply in hours", while mine is "within 2
business days" for non-system-down situations.

Hell, took me 4 hours to respond to your mail. :)

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