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Attacks from poneytelecom.eu

On Thu, 04 Jan 2018 09:48:24 -0700, Michael Crapse said:

> I've never dealt with a support queue that resolved the issue faster than a
> direct contact.

Which would the user prefer - a guaranteed 15 minute response time from the queue,
or 10 minute from a direct contact, unless it's an hour because they're in a meeting,
or the next day because they're out sick, or 2 weeks because they're on vacation?

Bonus points for recognizing there's a confirmation bias effect here - people will
remember the 2 week response time more than they'll remember the 5 minutes
faster the rest of the time.

Hint: How many "I haven't heard back in a week" do we see here and on the mailop
list, and how many "Congrats to so-n-so who fixed my problem in 5 minutes flat?"

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