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Remote power cycle recommendations

If rack-mount is not a hard requirement, I would definitely look into Ubiquitiâ??s mPower range. You will find anything from a single socket (WiFi only) to a 6 socket PDU (WiFi and Ethernet, probably 8 sockets for US but Iâ??m in Europe) with central management system (free) and detailed consumption graphs and costs if you provide the kWh cost.

Iâ??m running many of those with the controller/management software installed remotely in a central location and have several alerts and automation scripts setup when consumption goes beyond a certain level (meaning the equipment has crashed).


Regards, Michel

> On 27 Apr 2018, at 17:46, Andy Ringsmuth <andy at newslink.com> wrote:
> Iâ??m sure many here are familiar with or using/have used devices to remotely power cycle equipment. Iâ??m considering a Dataprobe iBoot-G2 and am curious if youâ??ve had experience with it, or other recommendations.
> I only need one outlet to be remotely power cycle-able. I have one piece of equipment that is occasionally a little flaky and, well, you know the hassle.
> What do people recommend? There seem to be plenty out there which are more designed to auto-reboot when Internet connectivity is lost, aka remotely reboot the â??ol cable modem for instance, but thatâ??s not my scenario.
> Thanks in advance.
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