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Is WHOIS going to go away?

You must be doing something wrong. ;)

After registering a new domain name, I get ~10 poorly worded emails trying
to convince me a I need professional web development services.  I also get
~15 phone calls over a few weeks from very thick accents and call-center
noise in the background telling me that I need professional web development
services or search engine optimization.  There's usually 1 or 2 calls with
the same characteristics telling me that they work for Google and have
noticed a problem with my 'listing' for my new site and I need to have them
correct it for a small fee because that's how Google makes money.

The phone calls don't happen if I use private registration. ;)


On Wed, Apr 25, 2018 at 8:25 AM Stephen Satchell <list at satchell.net> wrote:

> On 04/25/2018 07:10 AM, keith at contoocook.net wrote:
> > Well, personally for me, I use secret registration because I was tired
> of all the spam I got. Spammers scrape whois data for email addresses. I
> not trying to hide my identity on the web, I just don't like spam. I'm not
> some dark evil force.
> > Cheers, Keith
> >
> What I find interesting is that I didn't get all that much spam from my
> small collection of domains.  Of course, the e-mail addresses associated
> with those domains is "admin at satchell.net" (and "abuse at satchell.net").
> Indeed, abuse is completely ignored by spammers, while admin gets a
> couple of pieces of Far East spam a week.  That's right, a week.
> I bought privacy service now, as well as renewal protection.  I've lost
> three domains, and don't want to lose any more.