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China Showdown Huawei vs ZTE

> > Yes looks like they are both under pressure. I feel bad for the USA based
> > employees. I know Huawei has quite a few in Plano, Texas.
> Feel sorry for US based consumers. Historically protectionism always
> hurts the local economy most. By creating artificial demand on local
> products, over time local products become uncompetitive for export.
> I wonder, in what fundamental way Cisco and Juniper are US products,
> Huawei and ZTE Chinese products? To me it looks like Cisco has no
> development on IOS-XR outside India, components and assembly is in
> China. Shareholders are people holding Vanguard/Blackrock. What makes
> US company a US company?

Easy one, what law is the company incorporated under?  Nothing against the Chinese companies (some of their stuff is really great), but it is admittedly hard to separate China's military industrial complex from their communications suppliers.  I can understand other countries not wanting critical infrastructure under their software control given that the Chinese government has been very active in industrial espionage.  It is not that a US company cannot be compromised but I think they might at least be held accountable (by their markets) when they get caught.

Steven Naslund
Chicago IL