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Suggestion for Layer 3, all SFP+ switches

Thanks Colton, Since I live in the US, and work for a boss thatâ??s nervous (concerned) about those things, then I comply.  I remember mentioning Huawei as an option recently in a meeting and the boss and a few other fellow engineers were nervous and resistant to it.  I tend to feel the same.


I see you started a thread on comparing those 2 (zte and Huawei) â?¦ and was immediately met with cautionary/warning statements about these some things... from Suresh and Curtis.

So I wonder if because of all this, are ZTE and Huawei sales being adversely affected in the US?  â?¦it would seem so, but thought Iâ??d ask yâ??all.

Google - China Showdown Huawei vs ZTE


- Aaron