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Fwd: [cooperation-wg] Massive IP blockings in Russia

I guess this is already a big issue + this is going to be a problem for
people attending the FIFA World Cup using information from the cloud
(few people, no?)


El 19/4/18 a las 1:36 p. m., Sandra Murphy escribió:
> Of possible interest to this group.  
> Forwarding at Alexanderâ??s suggestion, who says he has already shared info in the NANOG facebook group "(with updated prefixlist)".
> â??Sandy
>> Begin forwarded message:
>> From: Alexander Isavnin <isavnin at gmail.com>
>> Subject: [cooperation-wg] Massive IP blockings in Russia
>> Date: April 17, 2018 at 1:36:33 PM EDT
>> To: cooperation-wg at ripe.net
>> Dear colleagues!
>> Iâ??m not pleased to inform you that RosComNadzor, a Russian Communication supervisory body, has started blocking huge ranges of IPs belonging to different cloud infrastructures, mostly Amazon and Google Cloud.
>> Those ranges include:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
>> Russian ISPs MUST fully block all traffic to such networks. The list is frequently updated and gets automatically propagated to ISP every once in a while, failure to block any address may result in 1500eur fine.  
>> The infrastructure listed above is being added to the blocklist under â??counter-terrorist and counter-extremistâ?? order of the General Prosecutor Office, #27-31-2015/Id4082-15, issued in 2015 and often used for blocking an arbitrary unwanted content.
>> The real reason for such blocking is an attempt to cut access to Telegram messenger, which refused to provide end-to-end encryption keys to the Federal Security Service (previously known as KGB). This is a case similar to San-Bernardino shooterâ??s, where the FBI was denied access to the shooterâ??s iPhone, but courts in Russia have made completely opposite decision.
>> Telegramâ??s infrastructure is being blocked by a different decision by RosKomNadzor, #2-1779/2018.
>> Cloud infrastructures are being blocked for massive proxy and VPN hosting used to dodge messenger blocking.
>> It is said, that more Apple and Google networks may be blocked soon for apps updates and push notifications delivery for Telegram.  
>> We hope to still have the global IP connectivity to keep you informed about how the situation develops.
>> Do not be surprised if some of your services placed in cloud infrastructures will miss Russian customers.
>> You can monitor the number of IP addresses, domains and URLs to be blocked in Russia at the https://2018.schors.spb.ru/ page (run by the famous ENOG community member Phil Kulin).
>> Detailed information (also via API) is available at the https://reestr.rublacklist.net run by RosKomSvoboda civil society group.
>> Kind regards,
>> Alexander Isavnin
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