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Suggestion for Layer 3, all SFP+ switches

look at these... 

* Juniper ACX5048 - I've deployed about ~50 of these over the last couple
years and they are great boxes.  I'm using them as mpls p/pe running L3VPN
(v4 and tested 6vpe), L2VPN (manual martini l2circuits and bgp-ad rfc4762,
I'll say that IOS XR asr9k has an occasional problem with vpls pw towards
acx5048 rfc4762, overcome with bounce of ldp neighbor only when needed, not
sure who to blame)
(48) 10 gig sfp+
(6) 40 gig qsfp+  - or these can run as (24) 10 gig ports using a break-out

* Cisco NCS5K and its variants as I think there are a few....you might find
a 10/40 gig option here, however I recall the one I tested with in my lab a
few years ago had 10/100 gig.  I will say that when I tested it a few year
back that I wasn't ready for prime time, but, in cisco defense, they've had
a few years to make improvements on it and I should, and you should, look
into it.

* Juniper ACX5400 (ACX5448) - I'm seeing this advertised on juniper.net
now...new box - I want one for my lab 
- (48) 10 gig
- (4) 100 gig, check if you can slide a 40 gig optic into that qsfp slot

* Juniper ACX5k+ - unsure if it's advertised yet by Juniper... this is a new
box - I want one for my lab 
- lots of 10 gig and I recall some 25 or 40 or 100, I don't recall
https://www.mail-archive.com/nanog at nanog.org/msg93672.html

or google - 1/2u 100g Metro-E Aggregation Switch

* Juniper EX4550 - I've ran these are virtual chassis paired top-of-rack in
my small data centers with rock solid performance - with multiple cdn caches
sitting behind them.  Now, I have tested L3VPN some years back, and I've
heard they also do L2VPN martini manual pw's...i'm about to give them
another go in mpls testing... check back with my shortly if you wanna know
how it goes.  Yesterday I pushed in my first EX4550-EM-2QSFP 40 gig module
into my lab EX4550 in preparation for new supercore (100 gig mx960's) and
had to upgrade junos from v12 to v13 (wasn't avail so went with
14.1X53-D46.7) and now optic was visible in that 40 gig module in the ex4550
- (32) 10 gig ports
- (2) 40 gig

- Aaron