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Suggestion for Layer 3, all SFP+ switches

On 04/18/2018 03:49 PM, Eric Litvin wrote:
> Brocade/arris is eager for business these days. They have a nice switch  (10g ports with 40g stacking) that should meet your needs with very aggressive pricing.

Does the Brocade/Foundry-lineage stuff that went to Arris actually do 
MPLS?  I didn't think ICX did any MPLS.

The SLX (and MLX) line that went to Extreme does but is perhaps overkill 
(it will also do Internet-scale FIB).  The SLX9540 is a 48 port SFP+ 
pizza box that also has 6 40/100Gb QSFP+/28 ports on it.  You'd need the 
"advanced feature" license for MPLS, and I don't know how mature the 
MPLS code is.  Pricing I've seen is pretty good for what you get, but 
again it may be overkill.

Juniper has some nice boxes in the EX series with at least MPLS 
L2-endpoint functionality that might also be an option for this sort of 
thing, but I don't know any models off the top of my head.
Brandon Martin