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ANRW 2018

Iâ??m forwarding this on behalf of the ANRW Chairs.  Some of this research has been quite interesting, and is on-topic to what NANOG folks are interested in.  Hereâ??s some more details about it: https://irtf.org/anrp

You can find their slides and presentation videos online as well, with the most recent one here:


If youâ??re an operator and going to be at IETF in Montreal this summer, let me know.

â?? snip â??

In recent years, the focus of many of top academic networking conferences has shifted away from the wide-area Internet.  At the same time, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) remains a top place to do practice-facing research on wide-area networking and security protocols.  So, we thought its time to bring academics to the IETF, and develop an exciting academic venue that refocuses the community on wide-area networking and security research!

To that end, we are rebooting the Applied Networking Research Workshop (ARNWâ??18) that we be held during IETFâ??102 on July 16 2018. The goal is to create a top academic venue for wide-area networking and security research and a path to transition research back into IETF standards, while inspiring academics to work on topics and open problems addressed at the IETF.

We have several high-quality invited talks lined up (see below!), and are now soliciting submitted talks and papers.  Submitted talks can be not-for-publication *re-submissions* of works that have been published elsewhere during the last 12 months; for these, we simply require a 2 page abstract.  We are also seeking 6-page short papers for publication.  Paper submission deadline is April 20, 2018.

If you think your work can have an impact on the design and operation of the Internet, please consider submitting to ANRW'18!

Call for papers: https://irtf.org/anrw/2018/cfp.html

Invited talks:

Why (and How) Networks Should Run Themselves
Speaker: Nick Feamster (Princeton University)

ARTEMIS: Neutralizing BGP Hijacking within a Minute
Speaker: Alberto Dainotti (CAIDA)

Run, Walk, Crawl: Towards Dynamic Link Capacities
Speaker: Monia Ghobadi (Microsoft Research)

TCP Congestion Signatures
Speaker: Srikanth Sundaresan (UC Berkeley) or Amogh Dhamdhere (CAIDA)

Measuring Adoption of Security Additions to the HTTPS Ecosystem
Speaker: Quirin Scheitle (Technical University of Munich)

Hope to see you in Montreal!

Sharon Goldberg & David Choffnes
ANRW'18 Program Committee Chairs