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IPv4 and IPv6 hijacking by AS 6

 � 12 avril 2018 13:51 -0500, Matt Harris <matt at netfire.net> :

>> Have you tried their IRR entries? Bull appears to redirect to Atos now
>> (site-wise).
>> notify:     ed.gienko at atos.net
>> notify:     charlie.molnar at atos.net
>> changed:    christophe.fraule at atos.net 20180117  #18:47:40Z
> I'm now in touch with Christophe; it looks as though perhaps there's a
> separate, rogue AS 6 running around with a different set of peers/transits,
> as he was able to confirm that none of his gear is advertising these
> prefixes.

Maybe AS6 is used internally by the next AS on the path?
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