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Fixing reachability for

Hello all,

Marty Strong, here at Cloudflare, has written an excellent blog entry
summarizing all the work everyone at Cloudflare has done in the last few
months cleaning up access to


A large number of ASNs have already fixed their internal use of
(and in order to let traffic flow towards &

Thank you all. Now that has been live for week+ (and traffic is
growing significantly), it's important to say we are thankful to all the
networks and hardware companies who have assisted us in this effort. The space was never "private IP space" - it's not part of RFC1918
even if some think/thought it was. However, weâ??re not done, nor are others.

Please take some time today to check your network for reachability.
Keep in mind, sometimes it could be your CPE hardware vs your network.

All is explained in the link above.


Martin @ Cloudflare