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Are any of you starting to get AI robocalls?

There are plenty of ways to handle that.

There are P-asserted identities that can be passed with the call in addition to the CLID.  In SIP, there is also call history data that can give you all of the PBX hops identified.

If a customer with a PBX wants to forward calls back into the PSTN then the carrier can have an option to allow them to do that but they better also have a way of tracking those calls since they are open to abuse and they are obscuring the routing of the call.  I am OK with that as long as the carrier is responsible for tracking back any abuse complaints.

I do think every PBX in the call path should be identified.  We have had instances where some stupid PBX is forwarding calls to the wrong number generating abuse complaints that track back to the wrong place because the PBX forwarded the original caller-id.  So you call that person back and they correctly claim that they never called you.

Steven Naslund
Chicago IL

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>Any customer with a PBX has a valid reason to pass CLI that isn't theirs if they are passing through a call.