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Are any of you starting to get AI robocalls?

On Thu, 2018-04-05 at 07:55 -0700, Brian Kantor wrote:

> So the logical conclusion is that caller ID is useless as an
> anti-vspam measure and the situation is hopeless, so the only
> solution is to not personally answer the phone at all -- let voice
> mail take a message.

Pretty much. We've received calls here with the CID displaying as our
own info, and others coming up as a neighbor's number. Some even appear
as law enforcement when they're scammers looking for donations to
charities that don't exist. I suppose if you're going to commit one
crime, go for broke.

> This is what I have adopted on my personal landline.  With the
> ringers disconnected.  Although I get probably a half-dozen incoming
> calls a day, perhaps one a week will leave a message.  Most of those
> messages are recorded announcements that started playing even before
> the voicemail greeting finished.

I've been enjoying quiet on a VoIP line with asterisk. Those who I
know/expect/desire calls from I can route them directly to my extension,
those others get the IVR. It works parallel to IP routing. I can go a
few days without hearing my phone ring yet my logs are filled with
spammers/telemarketing calls. Robo-dialers have no clue which extension
a human may be at, and I've been doing this for over 15 years with great
success. With a digium wildcard, this can work for POTS lines as well.