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Are any of you starting to get AI robocalls?

There is also Lenny :

And here is our paper on using chatbots against voice spam:

It seems the future of voice spam will be the chatbots talking to each


On 04/04/2018 17:08, Jim Shankland wrote:
> On 4/4/18 7:44 AM, Sean Pedersen wrote:
>> Yep. Add it to the list of IRS scams, fake arrest warrants, credit
>> repair, free vacations, etc. The rate of calls has increased
>> dramatically in the past year, especially with the "neighborhood scam"
>> where they spoof their CLID to a local area code and prefix + 0000
>> through 9999 and blast you with calls, trying to trick you into
>> thinking it's someone local and thus important or legitimate.
> Let me also put in a good word for the Jolly Roger Telephone Co.
> (http://www.jollyrogertelco.com). Don't just defend, fight back.
> Jim