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validating reachability via an ISP

On 29/03/2018, 00:22, Andy Litzinger <andy.litzinger.lists at gmail.com> wrote:
>> The root cause is that the our prefix is not being adequately
>> re-distributed globally by the regional ISP.  This is unexpected and we are
>> working through this with them now.

Hi, Andy â??

Are you failing to advertise it, or are they filtering it on ingress, or are they failing to send it to their other peers?

One configuration mishap which is starting to come along more and more partial or poor reachability caused by route objects which are not correctly published in the IRRDB. It is going to be essential to make sure that you have properly recorded IRR route objects in, for instance, RADB.  More BGP speakers properly filter their peers using information that is published there.  Avoid future reachability problems by checking this today!

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