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Are any of you starting to get AI robocalls?

And revenues wont be impacted because few have a cell for voice
anymore. With increasing data reliability we can move to voip
on phones and provider of choice who offer proper filtering and our
our own skill testing AI attendants

(Im thinking something along the lines of 'unladen swallow'.)


On Tue, Apr 03, 2018 at 07:26:36PM -0400, Jon Lewis said:
  >On Tue, 3 Apr 2018, Ken Chase wrote:
  >>All this boils my blood. I am not sure why/how spoofing ph#s is legal. I get
  >>sms mass spam too.
  >Whether or not its legal is irrelevant.  It's trivial to do if your link
  >to the PSTN is digital and you have a provider not filtering based on sent
  >caller-id.  It's kind of the PSTN version of the Internet's BCP-38 issue.
  >All providers should be filtering based on "valid" caller-id...but so many
  >don't do it, and the spoofing is nearly impossible to trace back to the
  >origin, so those who do it can safely ignore other laws because they know
  >they won't be caught.
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