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NG Firewalls & IPv6


At security and network tradeshows over the last 15 years, I have asked
companies if their products supported "IPv6". They all claimed they did,
but were unable to verify any successful installations. Later they told me
it was on their "Roadmap" but were unable to provide an estimated year,
because it was a trade secret.

Starting this last year at BlackHat US, I again visited every product
booth, asking if their products supported dual-stack or IPv6 only
operations. Receiving only the same unsupported answers, I decided to focus
on one product category.

To the gurus of the NANOG community, What are your experiences with
installing and managing Next Generations firewalls? Do they support IPv6
only environments? Details? Stories?

If you prefer not to disparage those poor product companies, please contact
me off the list.


Joe Klein

"inveniet viam, aut faciet" --- Seneca's Hercules Furens (Act II, Scene 1)
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