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IPv6 addressing plan spreadsheet issue

Hi Job,

I quickly went through your whole list and looking at the totally random 
addresses I think it is best if you render a multi-page TIFF file from each 
address and put them into a binary field of an MS Access database. That 
might sound unusual but you could easily access them from Excel and make 
notes for each address.

Thank me later!


Am 1. April 2018 13:09:33 schrieb Job Snijders <job at instituut.net>:

> Hi all,
> I made a list of the IPv6 addresses in my home LAN, but have trouble
> copy+pasting the list into a cloud spreadsheet. My address list is here:
> http://pete.meerval.net/~job/
> How do other folks do this? Just administrate things in text files?
> Kind regards,
> Job