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My experience with Juniper has been mixed, experience with 12.X and 13.X made me wonder if I had a poor understanding of how to do a proper decode or if Juniper's implementation itself had issues as I would often get incomplete results.

We've now grab over XML and have been pleased with that choice to the point I no longer see it as a "resort" but the most efficient way for us to move forward.  I used to open JTAC cases on each SNMP problem I'd come across [ CoS, mac-accounting ] and it generally wasn't a good use of our time.


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We use Observium for most of our SNMP monitoring, and it correctly pulls
LLDP and CDP data from all of our Cisco and Arista gear.

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> Have had the question come up a few times, so I wanted to poll the
> community to see...
> For those who are monitoring LLDP, how have you found the SNMP MIB support
> support for it on Juniper, Cisco, Brocade, Arista, and others?
> Wondering if you've needed to resort to CLI scraping or APIs to get the
> data?
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