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AT&T/Bellsouth Fiber Gear

We had a similar situation a couple years ago we went around for weeks trying to find someone that could help us with the equipment.  We ended up pulling the power on the gear someone showed up 2 hours later.  That finally got us someone we could actually talk with about re locating the equipment in the building.

Carlos Alcantar
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Subject: AT&T/Bellsouth Fiber Gear

Anyone on this list that can put me in touch with a contact in the
division within AT&T that manages their fiber equipment deployed in the

I need to speak with someone regarding some AT&T gear in our data center
that is on old Bellsouth Sonet rings...... thanks!

You can contact me off list via e-mail please!

Morgan A. Miskell
CaroNet Data Centers
704-643-8330 x206
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