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IP and Optical domains?

On 22/Jun/16 11:58, Masataka Ohta wrote:
> Today??? You asked "can be better designed", didn't you?

But IP does not manage transport characteristics. If packets can't get
through, they are dropped. Fairly simple.

Typical awareness about the transport layer is not normally privy to IP.
Yes, IPoDWDM means the visbility is there, but really, all it's doing is
cutting off a link just before the thresholds are met, to avoid packet loss.

Yes, BFD does provide IP some awareness, but this is not inherent in IP

> The problem, if any, is that doing much more than that
> results in "heavily underutilized" network.

Sorry, I'm just not getting your angle - could be something getting lost
in translation.

Not sure how frequent Hello messages exchanged by routing protocols
leads to a heavily under-utilized network.