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Timeouts Loading Major Websites

On Tue, Jun 21, 2016 at 06:13:10PM -0400, Christopher Morrow wrote:
> "the internet is on fire"
> not as helpful a troublereport as one might want.
> please provide at least (so everyone else can verify/help/troubleshoot):
>   1) from location X
>   2) site Y with protocol Z (which resolves to a.b.c.d currently)
>   3) traceroute to siteY (address a.b.c.d)

In addition to providing useful debug info, there are some good places
to check:

    (an attempt at outage correlation based on NLNOG RING data)

    (people (self-)reporting outages)

    (self-test websites from various vantage points)

> otherwise... "sure major sites are slow, I also use a 300baud coupler
> modem these days though...."

How did you know about the coupler? :)

- Job