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ARIN meeting schedule (was: Re: NANOG67 - Tipping point of community and sponsor bashing?)

On Jun 20, 2016, at 11:37 PM, David Conrad <drc at virtualized.org> wrote:
> ...
> Among others, yes (hint: not all the IPv4 and IPv6 address space is managed by the RIRs).

David is quite correct - IPv4 has significant portions which are administered under
specification of the IETF (and this is certainly the case of the IPv6 address space,
the vast majority of which is administered under the stewardship of the IETF.)

> ...
> Your statement posited the nonexistence of ARIN.  ARIN is a secondary for in-addr.arpa and ip6.arpa (like the other RIRs) and maintains a registry for the address blocks allocated to them by ICANN as the IANA Numbering Function operator. If ARIN did not exist, then the reverse delegations for which ARIN is authoritative could easily be managed by the other RIRs, the entities to which ARIN currently delegates, or the myriad of other DNS registries. This really isn't rocket science.

Also correct - the RIRs have discussed recovery scenarios necessary should
one of the RIRs experience an major operational event.  As David notes, this
is not rocket science, although it does require a modicum of preparation, both
in terms of planning and funding; e.g. <https://www.nro.net/joint-rir-stability-fund>

However, the main thread of this discussion originated in response discussions
of the meeting expenses of associations in general, including some surprise that
ARIN met this spring in Jamaica.  Everyone?s free to have their own opinion on
that, but just for information?s sake, I?d point out that ARIN has a straightforward
meeting schedule - we meet twice per year, once jointly with NANOG in the fall,
and once independently in the spring.  The fall meeting is at locations set by
NANOG (and predominantly in the US) so we try to alternate the spring meetings
between our other two sectors - Canada and Caribbean.  We have more than 25
countries in ARIN?s region, and getting to the Caribbean once every other year is
important for outreach to folks in that area - for example, the attendance at the
Jamaica meeting showed very strong Caribbean participation (48 attendees from
the Caribbean out of 125 total) compared the typical participant distribution at US
and Canada-based meetings.

Anyone who has suggestions or concerns about ARIN?s meeting schedule should
reach out with specifics to myself or other folks on the ARIN Board.


John Curran
President and CEO

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