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Sri Lanka options

Dear all,

One of our partners[1] customers is based in Sri Lanka and we're
having issues with latency creeping up to them. We're usually good via
our tier 1 transits (Level3 and NTT) at around 180ms, but it's now up
to 260ms and causing issues for their tunnels into the kit our partner
hosts for them in one of our UK racks in Telehouse East.

We've reached out directly to SLT.LK who provide their leased line out
there and they adjusted routing into Telia, then into Level3 the last
time this happened. We've tried again with no response.

So I'm looking for options. They are on AMX-IX, but not sure about
being on the RS. That may not improve anything as we'd need to get up
there first. I'll contact our tier ones and companies we already have
NNI's with but wanted to check if anyone can offer me anything?

I know this is a US list, but hoping others have done something like this.
Not many ideas from UKNOF apart from a kind email from Rod Beck, which
I'm pursuing:

There is a surprising amount of connectivity into Sri Lanka.


Bay of Bengal Gateway (BBG)
Bharat Lanka Cable System
Dhiraagu-SLT Submarine Cable Network
WARF Submarine Cable

We need a guaranteed 5mb/s pipe with < 200ms or something similar. Ideas?

Thanks for reading,

[1] http://www.surevoip.co.uk/partners/partner

Kind Regards,

Gavin Henry.
Winner of the Best Business ITSP (Medium Enterprise) 2016!

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