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IP and Optical domains?

> You have a group that runs fiber+dwdm+sonet(or SDH). You have another 
> group that runs IP. When the IP guys ask "please tell us how the optical 
> network is designed, and can we coordinate how they're built and btw, we 
> want to put DWDM optics in our routers", the answer from the 
> fiber+dwdm+sonet group is "no, but we can help you with transport using 
> our transponders, please just order circuits, just give us addresses for 
> each end and we'll take care of things, don't you worry your little IP 
> engineer brain how things are transported long distance".
> I believe this is still the case at a lot of ISPs. Not all, hopefully not 
> even most, but I'm sure there are some.

you underestimate the extent of the dogged determination of circuitzilla
to hang on to the fiber with her/his fingernails.