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NANOG67 - Tipping point of community and sponsor bashing?

On 16/06/16 15:40, Dave Temkin wrote:
> Nothing in my presentation said "Netflix seeks to get better port fees".
> You'll find that I, not once, in my deck or oral presentation, mentioned
> Netflix. I spoke at length with LINX after the presentation and pointed out
> that I seek to help the entire market, not just my employer, better
> understand how IXPs price their services, what things are negotiable, and
> what things need to change. Call it thinly-veiled, but I didn't even use my
> employer slide master - this was geared as a community discussion.

I wasn't sure if you were talking on behalf of Netflix either. Mainly
because the first thing you said at the Nanog presentation was to
correct everyone on your title at Netflix. ;)

Rather than alluding to it, letting everyone come to their own
conclusion, you'd have been better off just saying it outright.

Definitely do not be surprised when anyone's confused as to this fact,