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Monitoring system recommendation

Yes, but depends on HW. They support some pretty huge environments.
You have to have "enough" IOPs to keep up with the polling, DB and RRD data.
Then there will never be a "heavy" load...

I would contact them and based on your needs ask them what HW you will 
need for your implementation.
You can get real world info from the mailing list: 
I would suggest the opennms-discuss list.

On 6/8/16 4:39 PM, Jeff wrote:
> On 06/06/2016 10:18 AM, Manuel Mar?n wrote:
>> Dear Nanog community
> [...snipped...]
>> Your input is really appreciated it
>> Thank you and have a great day
>> Regards
> I have not used openNMS in production.. does it work well under heavy load?
> regards,
> J