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Webmail / IMAPS software for end-user clients in 2016

hi ya 

On 06/08/16 at 06:06pm, Eric Kuhnke wrote:
> If you had to put up a public facing webmail interface for people to use,
> and maintain it for the foreseeable future (5-6 years), what would you use?
> Roundcube?
> https://roundcube.net/
- good

> Rainloop?
> http://www.rainloop.net/
- never used
- w/o db support, how you maintain a (real) list of x,000 users and pwd

> Something else?

- good

- least effort to get webmail running ( esp if time is limited )

- possibly confusing install process

imaps from doveocot.org
( note differences between dovecot-1.x vs dovecot-2.x )

> Requirements:
> Needs to be open souce and GPL, BSD or Apache licensed
> Email storage will be accessed via IMAP/TLS1.2
> Runs on a Debian based platform with apache2 or nginx
> Desktop browser CSS and mobile device CSS/HTML functionality on 4" to 7"
> size screens with Chrome and Safari

- you probably want support for your favorite sql app
- you probably want support for your favorite anti-virus app
- you probably want support for your favorite anti-spam app


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