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Netflix banning HE tunnels

Today I discovered Netflix flagged my IPv6 IP block as "proxy/VPN" and I
can't use it if I don't disable the HE tunnel, which is the only way for
me to have IPv6 at the moment.

But the fun part has been Netflix tech support:
"Oh I see, yeah we have been receiving reports of some other members
with ipv6 having this issues, at the moment Netflix is not really
designed to work with ipv6 connections, in this case I can recommend you
two things, one is to turn off the ipv6 and the other one will be to
contact directly with Hurricane Electric, there are some customers that
were able to use Netflix with an ipv6 under some specific settings set
by Hurricane Electric."

I don't obviously expect HE to fix it, I don't pay for shit, it's a free
service, why should they?

But it's fun to know that " Netflix is not really designed to work with
ipv6 connections ".

Who did it say on this ML that the best way to solve these issues is
Netflix tech support? :)

Davide Davini