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Netflix VPN detection - actual engineer needed

Holy fuck get on your meds.

As someone who actually has to deal with 3 different (4 technically)
content providers, their distribution agreements and requirements for
distribution allll the way through the network are absolutely asinine, but
required if you want your eyeballs to receive their content. Trying to work
out an actual streaming deal with them was an absolute nightmare.

I can't imagine the legal and contractual obligations to event get the
content, let alone distribute it in the method they have.

What they are doing with content is groundbreaking considering the sources
of their content, and it is a huge thorn in the side of advertising
companies to say the least.

I know wild speculation is what the internet does best (and the less
factual information the better), but this thread has gone way off the rails
for what NANOG is supposed to discuss.

This is a contractual and political issue, not so much a technical one.

I'm going to "mute" this thread on my end, as it's gone beyond an actual
useful  technical discussion and has regressed into some emotional rantfest.

I would suggest the rest of NANOG do the same.


Does anyone have any scotch left?
On Jun 6, 2016 8:55 PM, "Lyndon Nerenberg" <lyndon at orthanc.ca> wrote:

> > In other words, it's not just Netflix that has this problem...
> No, it's Netflix that has the problem.  Audible actually gives a fuck
> about their customers.