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Netflix VPN detection - actual engineer needed

> And they could easily redirect HE IPv6 addresses to a IPv4 only
> service.  This would satify both the content providers and the
> customers.  It's not like there tunneled traffic is IPv6 only as
> there has to be a IPv4 endpoint for the tunnel.
> You can't argue that HE is too small to do this for as they are
> targeting HE tunnels.
> Mark

And while we wait for Netflix to do that, you could also turn off ipv6 on
your Netflix watching device as a quick fix. Most smart tv do not support
it to start with.

It is a bit surprising that your browser would choose the ipv6 path via
tunnel over the more direct ipv4 path. Anyway, you could blackhole the
Netflix ipv6 prefix to force the situation.

Or you could get your own /48 prefix and announce via BGP. Might not be
free but comes with other advantages and has some coolness factor.

Or turn off the tunnel while you watch Netflix. Lots of options for "can
do" people.

Yes we all hate geo ip solutions but this particular Netflix issue is not a
big thing in the grand scheme of things.