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What are folks using for BCM SOC (7424 gen, or newer) based IPTV STBs?[1]  I?m looking for something pretty simple - HDMI, S/PDIF (optical and 1/8? digital coax) and an Ethernet port is all I?m really interested in.  No RCA audio, component video or Wifi.  Nice and simple.  If GreenPeak RF4CE were baked in, that?d be cool too.

Informir and Airties have some interesting stuff, but I?m curious as to what other are using.

Thanks in advance.

[1] I?m assuming that *IP*TV based discussion is considered relevant conversation?  If not, forgive the intrusion, but I?d welcome any pointers on where one might go to discuss this sort of thing if this is considered off-topic.