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small automatic transfer switches



On Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 2:29 PM, Chuck Anderson <cra at wpi.edu> wrote:
> Does anyone have any recommendations for a small, cheap, reliable ATS?
> (I know, pick two, you can't have all three) I'm looking for something
> to power one or two 120V out-of-band network device(s) in each
> location with a single power supply each, much less than 10 amps
> total, with two 120v input cords.  The primary input cord will go to
> the UPS and the other directly to a wall outlet to be able to access
> the UPS when if fails to turn on after the power returns :-)
> I found the usual suspects, APC, TrippLite, ServerTech, etc. but they
> are mostly 8 or more outlets and upwards of $300-$900 each.
> I also found this neat one, Zonit uATS, which is a small box that
> piggybacks onto the powered device's C14 input and has two power cords
> coming out of it.  But it seems to cost just as much as the bigger
> ones...