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AW: Peering Exchange

Some companies present at some IX with no MLPE simply don't like to be listed at all, and they prefer to be filtered out from LG servers. It's simply their police and some big companies do not have a policy which is the same for everyone peering, say, content provider X will peer with you if you reach >80Mbps, could not always be true. I have lived a situation where someone demanded to peer to a DC I happened to manage at that time because his competitor was peering as well and sharing the same IX, but my company had no real reason to peer from the NOC perspective and using another port would just be a waste of time and money with no real advantage other than a barely better latency. Manager said no thanks, as asked for our peering policy to become private. Sometimes things just don't have a better explanation and some people just don't want to accept a different policy to different players.
We also had problems where transit customers said don't want to be exported to a certain IX point of presence while he wanted to be exported at a different location. Who ever told him he could pick where we export who? Nobody. In the end if you are seriously interested to join the IX you will bet the full list for MLPEs, etc. Otherwise it's just the policy for the club.


26.01.2016, 22:23, "Bernd Spiess" <bernd.spiess at ip-it.com>:
>> ??Is there a way to browse a route server at
>> ??certain exchanges, and see who is and is not on the route server?
> ?Quite many ixp?s do so ... so you can verify yourself what is going on...
> ?Typical offer of a looking glass:
> ?You can see the sessions, you can see the amount of prefixes,
> ?You can see the prefix list and you can see the communities & more
> ?on these prefixes
> ?E.g.:
> ?https://lg.nyc.de-cix.net/
> ?https://lg.dxb.de-cix.net/
> ?https://lg.mrs.de-cix.net/ ... and others ...
> ?https://www.linx.net/pubtools/looking-glass.html
> ?https://tieatl-server1.telx.com/lg.pl
> ?etc...
> ?not sure why this should be hidden ... but yes: there are some
> ?ixp out there who does not show this information or just with a
> ?login ...
> ?Bernd
> ?(yes ... I do work for de-cix)