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Netflix NOC? VPN Mismarked?

26.01.2016, 17:49, "Ryan Gard" <ryangard at gmail.com>:
> Hey,
> Per chance if someone @ Netflix could reach me off list? Seems that as of
> this weekend there's a number of our clients (residential internet) who are
> unable to utilize Netflix directly, instead being presented with a message
> advising them they're using a VPN service... Have a feeling that our IP
> blocks were lumped in with someone somehow...
> Thanks!
> --
> Ryan Gard

We have noticed the same issue in the last hours, a couple users complaining they were seeing the "You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again." message. We have worked with Netflix's open connect support guys and found out essentially netflix is trying to determine if the account is reaching their systems from different region other than the contracted one or if from multiple regios at a short period of time, which one could not fly thousand miles in that time window. So how to explain the blocks? Different explanations on different users. One user had his wife sharing his Netflix account on her iPad while on a conference to Europe (same account, different countries). One other case was related to a user who was at tor, in fact he was an exit node for tor with his share / natted ip address and it looks like someone was else from another account used his ip address as an exit node or he used tor with his account. In the end it was the same case of being at two regions with the same account in a short time window. We also had good insights via telephone support by Netflix at 0800-096-6379 (europe).