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Hi Lorell,
    Here's ones that I used to use for DOCSIS 2 UBR's years ago. For the 
remote query table, you will obviously need to turn on remote query.

remote query table:

cable modem registrations:

if you don't have remote query capability, then you can load the cable 
modem ip from the registered list, and hit it with:


which gives you transmit power and SNR from the modem, which was all that 
I cared about tracking. I would keep historical logs of the values and 
graph over time - but never cleared it when the modem was returned and 
re-issued, which yielded interesting graphs as the modem moved from 
different plants over its lifetime.

For CMTS upstream errors, I graphed the following via MRTG:

and for SNR:

with %d being the ifindex of the upstream interface(s).

Your mileage may vary - this was from my toolsets for DOCSIS 1 and DOCSIS 
2 environments, and I was out of the cable business when DOCSIS 3 became 
affordable for smaller operators, so never had to worry about updating 

Nikos Mouat

On Sun, 24 Jan 2016, Lorell Hathcock wrote:

> All:
> Does anyone out there have some valuable OID's for a Cisco CMTS?
> The ones I am looking for are:
> 	Signal to Noise per upstream channel
> 	Cable Modem counts of all kinds
> 		connected / online
> 		ranging
> 		offline
> I opened a ticket through Cisco's help desk.  I have a SmartNET contract for the unit, but they were not very helpful.  The OIDs they suggested did not yield any useful data.  ("0" when I know there are CMs connected, etc).
> Thanks in advance.
> Lorell Hathcock