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New peerings between Hurricane Electric and Level3?

I?ve heard from the grape vine that this is due to the GBLX to Level3 transition, and it?s in fact paid IP transit.

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> On 21 Jan 2016, at 18:37, Matthew D. Hardeman <mhardeman at ipifony.com> wrote:
> Yesterday I was looking at some of the IPv4 and IPv6 session summaries on http://lg.he.net and saw that both the Equinix Los Angeles and Equinix Ashburn site routers have new IPv4 and IPv6 sessions (not yet running, but administratively up for about 6 days now) configured for AS3356.
> I know they already peer IPv6, though not at those sites.  Is this the first hint that HE and Level3 are coming around on an IPv4 and IPv6 peering agreement?