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IPv6 traffic percentages?

On Thu, Jan 21, 2016 at 11:44:34PM +0900, Randy Bush wrote:
> > You can configure pmacct to specify on which properties of the received
> > flow data it should aggregate its output data, one could configure
> > pmacct to store data using the following primitives:
> > 
> >     ($timeperiod, $entrypoint_router_id, $bgp_nexthop, $packet_count)
> > 
> > Where $timeperiod is something like 5 minute ranges, and the post
> > processing software calculates the distance between the entrypoint
> > router and where the flow would leave the network ($bgp_nexthop).
> > 
> > See 'aggregate' on http://wiki.pmacct.net/OfficialConfigKeys
> > 
> > In short: you configure pmacct to throw away everything you don't need
> > (maybe after some light pre-processing), and hope that what remains is
> > small enough to fit in your cluster and at the same time offers enough
> > insight to answer the question you set out to resolve.
> but could you explain in detail how this tests the hypothesis?
> even of all your traffic entered on a bgp hop and exited on a bgp hop,
> and all bgp entries set next_hop (which i think you do), you would be
> ignoring the 'distance' the packet traveled from source to get to your
> entry and traveled from your exit to get to the final destination.

Yes, correct. This is why I mentioned before: "However, this would be
just one network's (biased) view on things."

With this I meant that I can measure something, but only within a subset
of the entire path a packet might traverse. (just that one routing
domain), so not end-to-end. And what might be true for us might not be
true for others.