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New Switches with Broadcom StrataDNX

On 20/Jan/16 00:17, Phil Bedard wrote:

> Good point, there are many people looking at what I call FIB optimization right now.  The key is having the programmability on the device to make it happen.  Juniper/Cisco support it using policies to filter RIB->FIB and I believe both also do per-NPU/PFE localized FIBs now. I am not sure if that?s something supported on this new Broadcom chipset.  Depends on your network of course and where you are looking to position the router.    

I don't think the FIB needs to have specific support for selective

I think that comes in the code to instruct the control plane what it
should download to the FIB.

Cisco's and Juniper's support of this is on FIB that has been in
production long before the feature became available. It was just added
to code.