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Best Source for ARIN Region /24

I also am interested in where people are finding blocks of /22 or smaller just in case. We have some blocks from Level 3, but eventually, we're going to be out. 

That being said, we did get our IPv6 /32 allocation from ARIN. If anyone has any ideas on how to properly deploy this in an ISP environment, I'd love to learn. I've read some whitepapers on the subject, but most of those deal with enterprise based networks, and not so much as a service provider.

Kind Regards,
Shon Elliott, KK6TOO
unWired Broadband, Inc.

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Some expansions under my ISP hat may lead to needing some address space, so I'd be interested in where people are getting space from as well. Smaller blocks, though, /22 and smaller. 

Mike Hammett 
Intelligent Computing Solutions 

Midwest Internet Exchange 

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Subject: Best Source for ARIN Region /24 

I?m looking to buy a /24 of space for a new multi-homed network in the ARIN region. Can anyone out there speak to going rates for a /24 and best places to shop?