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IPv6 Implementation and CPE Behavior

Hi nanog,

We are little behind in our IPv6 rollout are pushing to make big strides by the end of Q2.  We have all of our core network and primary infrastructure dual-stack enabled at this point and our next step will be to move to dual-stack on our CMTSs.  For those retail operators that have enabled dual-stack can you comment on behavior that you observed from customer CPE equipment after flipping the switch?  Are most CPE devices generally not IPv6 capable in the first place?  For those that are capable are they usually still configured with IPv6 disabled, requiring the customer to enable it?  For those CPE that are capable and enabled, is there a common configuration such as full blown DHCPv6 with PD?

For those that are responding I am primarily concerned about customer routers.  I have followed the many discussions about Android phones that don't perform DHCPv6, and I am really concerned about these kind of issues as these devices basically won't be seen at the edge of the customer's network.

If you have something else that you think is noteworthy, I'm all ears.

Graham Johnston
Network Planner
Westman Communications Group
johnstong at westmancom.com<mailto:johnstong at westmancom.com>
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