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Binge On! - get your umbrellas out, stuff's hitting the fan.

On Sun, 10 Jan 2016 14:04:13 +0000, Alan Buxey said:

> as for carriers pipes...will, if multicast was seriously taken up then eg OS
> updates could be streamed out on regular updates

You can multicast the Super Bowl, because to a rather high rate of accuracy
you can assume that everybody who wants to watch the Super Bowl in real time
is tuned in and catching the stream.

It doesn't work as well for software updates, because while I know I'm in
a "No cellular coverage" area hiking the south side of Mt Rogers during the
Super Bowl, and I don't care because I'm no a big pro football fan, my cell
phone may care if it misses an update because of it.

Actually - it probably *won't*, because I'll likely be hiking long enough that
my phone will *never notice* that it missed an update.  So now you need to
find a way to make *reverse* multicast work, so that the update server doesn't
get pounded with several million requests once an hour asking "Did I miss an
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