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SMS gateways

On Sat, Jan 09, 2016 at 11:23:59PM -0000, John Levine wrote:
> In article <[email protected]> you write:
> >Surprised no one has mentioned the Multimodem iSMS: http://www.multitech.com/brands/multimodem-isms
> >
> >Been using it for 5+ years -- first three years the code wasn't stable, needing a reboot every few months,
> >but the latest code has been stable for 2+ years.
> It looked interesting until I got to the part where it says it uses a
> 2G GSM modem.  AT&T has said quite firmly that they will turn off
> their 2G network in 2017, and press reports say that T-Mobile is
> already turning off 2G in favor of LTE.
> What do you plan to do instead next year?

	I last purchased a USB "3G modem" for around $12 including shipping
which supports SMS.  it doesn't need to use the 3G part for data though, just
for the control channel.


	There are cheaper ones to be had, but this isn't exactly something
that is a budget breaker.  Get a good provider and life will be just
fine for you.  I have a T-Mobile SIM in mine and they don't charge for
most international texts like other carriers so makes a perfect SMS
device.  (Looks like HSPA+ LTE ones can be had around $40 without putting
much effort into it).

	The biggsest problem I had was setting the AT command to make it
default to the right mode vs using usbmodeswitch in Linux, but mostly because
this was the first device I used like this in over a decade myself.

	- Jared

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