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Binge On! - get your umbrellas out, stuff's hitting the fan.

Valid points. 

The best solution for everybody is the solution most consumers are adverse to, which is usage based billing. Granted, many times the providers have shot themselves in the foot by making the charges punitive instead of based on cost plus margin. Reasonable $/gig for everybody! :-) 

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You're assuming that people are only using phones with their SIM - those that use a mifi dongle and thus view content on a tablet or laptop will notice 

We could rate limit traffic from YouTube to 1.5mbps and let the adaptive streaming knock the steam to 480p bit our users with 100mbit connections might wonder why they cannot view 720p or 1080p - and why spicy they view such content - its like putting back the web and online video services 5 years. Where does it stop? 320x240 ? 

Bulk data and background update processes are things that could possibly by throttled - after all, that's pretty much what QoS does. Most of my phone data is google play software updates and on woes phone ios and itunes store updates - it doesn't matter if the update ticks along in the background. Audio and video need to be good.