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On 12/19/2015 07:17 AM, Sander Steffann wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
>> It's far past time to worry about architectural purity.  We need people
>> deploying IPv6 *NOW*, and it needs to be the job of the IETF, at this
>> point, to fix the problems that are causing people not to deploy.
> I partially agree with you. If people have learned how IPv6 works, deployed IPv6 (even if just in a lab) and came to the conclusion that there is an obstacle then I very much want to hear what problems they ran into. That's rarely the case unfortunately. Most of the time I hear "we don't want to learn something new".

A) You don't need to deploy something to see that the design is overly 
complex, and not a good fit for existing, well-entrenched workflows.

B) Many people have done this, and provided the exact feedback you 
describe, for well over a decade.

There is no technical reason that IPv6 cannot have full-featured DHCP. 
The only obstacles are the purists like you who insist on the entire 
installed base coming up to speed with their cleverness. All the user 
education in the world will not fix that problem.