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SMS gateways

There are also services that do it for you.  In my day job (Transit 
related software), we use textmarks.com to provide interactive transit 
information ("where's my bus" kinds of things) via interactive SMS.  Not 
particularly expensive.

On 1/6/16 2:36 PM, David Hubbard wrote:
> Hey all, was curious if anyone has opinions on the FoxBox vs SMS Eagle boxes for sending SMS alerts directly to the cell network?
> http://www.smsfoxbox.it/en/foxbox-iq.html/
> http://www.smseagle.eu/store/en/devices/1-sms-eagle.html
> Any alternative options would be appreciated too.  I saw Microcom?s iSMS modem mentioned in the list archives but it?s only 2G so likely won?t be viable much longer.
> The other question, given the fact that they?re both GSM-based, is whether or not you know if AT&T or T-Mobile have cheap ?machine? plans for use by these types of devices.  We have all of our OpenGear out of band console servers on Verizon and they have these special ?machine? plans for $10/mo with very limited bandwidth, so that has allowed us to deploy a bunch of them without worrying about a huge phone bill.
> Thanks,
> David

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