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Another Big day for IPv6 - 10% native penetration

> On Mon, 04 Jan 2016 14:17:56 -0800, Owen DeLong said:
>> Further, actually fully supports EDNS0 Client Subnet capability, so
>> if the geo-IP balancer in question wants, they can eliminate the failure mode
>> you are describing in that case.
> Which only helps for people using Client Subnet does help the issue,
> but it doesn't actually fix it until support is near ubiquitous across
> intermediate nameservers that have clients in other geographic locations?

Well? that and any other DNS server that supports EDNS0 client subnet.

> (I believe that the fact that Google found a need to create EDNS0 Client
> Subnet *at all* is proof that using the DNS address for localization is
> problematic?)

Sure, but anycast is even more problematic and those are basically the only
two alternatives currently known for solving the problem in question.

> And again - it's still something that needs work upstream to support, and
> you *still* have to deal with the case where the intermediate DNS server
> doesn't do Client Subnet.

Or accept that no solution is perfect, make this one as good as we can for now
and move on.

>> I say slightly pessimistic because there aren?t all that many 3XX responses
>> being reported.
> OK, that's a slightly different kettle of fish :)  To the nearest 10% or
> so, how many are answering with a 3xx of any sort?

Well? I?ll post a separate message detailing my findings. It?s more interesting than
I previously realized because none were reporting 3xx results and all 3xx results
were getting hidden behind 5xx results which weren?t (all) entirely valid.